Thursday, March 19, 2009

~~~HP Mini Laptop~~~`

When i wan to find some new HP product through the website, i see some special promotion for HP product and got one HP mini laptop attract my attention which is HP mini 1000 Vivenne Tam edition. For my experience,Vivenne Tam is a famous fashion designer based in the New York City.She has worked with the Hewlett-Packard on special Vivenne Tam range of designer notebooks computers. This laptop is perfect portable notebook for anyone one the go or for the student especially it is suitable for the girl with the interface design because it does not take up much spaces. it's so pretty and quite fast for small notebook.It also provide tech-chic bundle with matching Vivienne Tam scarf and tote. So what do you think about this product???

~~~~"Vivenne Tam's picture who is a famous fashion designer In New York City."~~~~

~~~~"HP Mini 1000 Vivenne Tam Edition Laptop"~~~
~~~Here is the product demo, enjoy it~~~=)


  1. nice laptop ~ but i think most suit to girl , right ?

  2. Yes~~~you can buy for your sister if you want~~~^.^

  3. this laptop is sooo my style..hehehe
    is it in malaysia yet?

  4. I not so sure it's available in Malaysia!!!
    If you want, i will tried to go computer and ask about it!!!^.^